Big Pun & Big L ‘Where You At?’

A tragedy, two of the game of hip-hop’s most talented emcees were taken from us entirely too early. Bronx Terror Squadian Big Pun and Harlem DITC member Big L were prime examples of what it means to be a true lyricist and emcee. Both met unrelated and untimely demises too early in their careers and during a golden era of hiphop.

Many have yet to compare to the accolades received by these two iconic figures throughout the years and those that have, coincidentally, also have lost their lives far too early for us to accept. Through the efforts of family and brethren in rhyme much of the legacy that the emcees have created continues to keep us aware of and entertained by their works.

Here we have a mix created by Big L’s hiphop-family member from DITC [The infamous Digging In The Crates Crew],Showbiz, for a release on a DITC compilation in 05′ titled “Where You At?”. The mix blends Big L’s verse from the original DITC track “Way Of Life” and Big Pun’s verse from “Rhyme For Rhyme” [which featured Cormega] adding a clip and paste of other bars to give us an official banger featuring two icons. Take note of the superior rhyme skills displayed by each artist in his own unique way as it compares to what is displayed in today’s mainstream music. Share and Leave a comment in support of the real.

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