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    Move Over Beats: Glyph Headphones Ups the Anti With Personal 3-D Mediawear

    Introducing Glyph, personal media headset that is like no other. Winner of the “Best Of CES” for 2016, this entertainment gear boast bringing you dynamic quality sounf along with a 3-D visual experience all in a sleek designed head piece. Looking like a simple headset placed to cover your eyes making the user resemble Cyclops […]

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    Snoop Dogg Is Mad At Microsoft over X-box “What The F**k is you doing Bill Gates?!”

    Uncle Snoop evidently takes his gaming experience seriously. So much so, that with Microsofts’ gaming console’s online gaming service, Xbox Live, newly updated servers having a problem maintaining a decent connection for its users, the Dogg Father took to social media to send a direct message. Threatening to make a switch to the consoles number […]

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    Lexus Sits A NX On Wheels Made Of Solid Ice

    Japanese auto maker Lexus prides itself on pushing the envelope when it comes to design and innovation. From concept cars to production vehicles Lexus has always stayed tru to its ethos of “Creating Amazing”. Recently the auto maker has been churning out viral media involving concepts that extend beyond the norm of the industry. This […]

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    Kimoji : Kim Kardashian West’s New Emoji App

    Kim Kardashian launches a new set of emojis through her app titled Kimoji. As seen in the image above the KK based emojis will range from a assortment of images embodying the essence of Kardashianism. Things making an appearance include YEEZY Boost 350, Kim’s Butt, Her Middle finger, a creamy peach, and a Selfie hand. […]

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    Uniform: Supreme x Champion Surprise Fall/Winter 2015 Sweatsuits

    Cult street brand Supreme links up with sports wear icon Champion to produce a surprise drop of sweatsuits for this winter season. Presenting a two piece set cotton fleece varsity-style snap-front jacket and matching pants that werent included in Supremes original Fall/winter lookbook. Embellished with Champion and Supreme’s branding marks the team releases two distinct […]

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    A $200 Price Tag For This Sam Adams

    Introducing Sam Adams’ “Utopias”, brands newest offering of uncarbonated beer. The increased price point is related to it containing a mixture of Triple Bock barrel-aged at 23 years and older Utopias vintages giving it rich flavor filled with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and ginger. Add to that the 28% ABV (alcohol by volume) endures 24/7 […]

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    Documentary: Urban Ex – Making the city an illegal playground

    Dive into the illegal world of what is being called Urban Exploration in this short documentary covering an underworld or secrete society of sorts. These individuals take the city by storm and by any means necessary to enjoy and share a piece of the “good life”. Usually when dealing with the most sought after urban […]

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    McNuggs! McDonald’s To Offer First Weed Friendly Smoking Section

    What goes hand and hand with freshly consumed marijuana? Food, of course, and 15 Denver, Colorado McDonalds franchises have plans to capitalize on the two in a ground breaking way. Opting to say good bye to the kid’s Play Place areas and renovate them into maryjane friendly smoke stations, the legalized state’s business owners hope […]

  • Mishka 2015 Summer Collection


    Mishka 2015 Summer Collection

    The cool folks over at the street brand Mishka have released their looks for the 2015 summer season. Choosing a zombi-like the video lookbook backed by sounds from Fiftygrand, the brand’s stylings for this summer season consist their usual taste in vibrant colorways blended in unique fashion along with the bold imagery that have made […]