DMX Talks Diddy Offering Him a Deal

Recently, platinum recording artist DMX was the guest on Noreaga’s humming Drinking Championship Podcast. This is a short clip of an almost 30-minute discussion, the infamous Yonkers rapper opened up on his initial beginnings in the rap game and how Puff Daddy declined signing him before he went major label and briefly meeting the legend, Tupac.

Not everyone gets the chance to meet legends and celebrities, let alone be one and actually work with them. Well recording artist Earl Simmons aka DMX has accomplished all of it. He in an international staple in the hip hop community. With becoming a part of greatness comes a lot of legal to follow. The Dog is no stranger to the law and had his share of legal advice, whether it good or bad. There are probably a few lawyers on retainer to deal with all that comes with the territory. Ranging from contract attorneys to criminal defense attorneys to even a dui lawyer, you never know what issues you might run into. Having to sign a contract with a major music recording studio where you would be recording music with various music producers at their various select music recording studios so your going to need a very good contract attorney to fine tooth comb all the confusing.

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