DMX “The industry is bullshit.”

Hip Hop Icon DMX sat down with 247 Hip Hop during an interview session and goes in on a topic he has voiced over and over again, the music industry. Pretty much every dmx cd recorded has gone platinum. However. Receiving another platinum record plaque never gets old nor does a gold record plaque. He gives insight on how the music game is not the same and how they try to manipulate your image. X is always going to be X and has outright said many times how he won’t conform to what the record labels want in order for you to get record deals now days. In true Dog fashion he does what he does best through lyrical expression.

The evolution of technology and the way music is delivered nowadays has been a gift and curse for the music business. From music marketing to the way people record music is completely different. Labels are not just handing out record deals anymore. Unless you go on tour, producing music is the way people are making change now days. If you want to become a music producer you should buy a decent music production program and look up some good music production schools. There are some online music production schools where you can get a recognized music productions degree. Try a few music production classes you might find your lane.

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