Fat Joe Tells A Hilarious Story About Being Locked Up With Big Pun

A few days ago, Bronx rap icon Fat Joe sat down and shared a hilarious story of him and Big Pun being locked up together at the peak of his career. Joey Crack got caught up for an ‘alleged’ assault while at a signing session. Pun got word and showed up to the Precinct in a limo still popping champagne. Big Pun was thinking…”We made it” and that they were going to the same type of jail as Martha Stewart and continue living big, Joe had to bring him back to earth. Quite a great story for the too small cell for 2 bigger than life sized people.

Most pioneers of hip hop came from nothing to something, and just because they came into money doesn’t mean their past is still in past. They are where they are because of the way they were raised and dog eat dog mentality. Because of that, issues arise and many have a criminal defense attorney on retainer. Good lawyers are what keep a lot of these celebrities out of jail and many times give the necessary legal advice so they stay as straight as possible. A good criminal attorney is the difference for these high profile artists is the difference between bail and serving time because we all know they need the best legal help they can get.

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