Lexus Sits A NX On Wheels Made Of Solid Ice

Japanese auto maker Lexus prides itself on pushing the envelope when it comes to design and innovation. From concept cars to production vehicles Lexus has always stayed tru to its ethos of “Creating Amazing”. Recently the auto maker has been churning out viral media involving concepts that extend beyond the norm of the industry. This past October they revealed a origami inspired concept that was crafted entirely out of cardboard and now Lexus has employed the talents of master craftsmen to create the Ice-Tyre NX.

Lexus UK and the ice-sculpting experts at Hamilton Ice Sculptors took approximately 3 months to complete the four hand-sculpted perfectly finished tyres. Split into two phases, one to recreate the Lexus five-twin-spoke wheel and Yokohama winter tyre and then making it functional enough to support the vehicles 2.2 tonne weight. Made of optically perfect, crystal clear ice created in a process thet required the vehicle itself be subject to a 5-day -30 degree centigrade deep freeze, in which surviving it and remaining functional is a testament to quality design all on its own.

Check out the clip below of the roll-out of the Lexus NX fitted with Ice-tyres.

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