Move Over Beats: Glyph Headphones Ups the Anti With Personal 3-D Mediawear

Glyph head sets
Introducing Glyph, personal media headset that is like no other. Winner of the “Best Of CES” for 2016, this entertainment gear boast bringing you dynamic quality sounf along with a 3-D visual experience all in a sleek designed head piece. Looking like a simple headset placed to cover your eyes making the user resemble Cyclops from Marvel’s X-men or that one black guy from Star Trek, the device actually much more and at the hefty price tag of $699 (US) we hope so. The device offers a screenless display that puts the visual media directly in front to your eyes and by using two desperate lenses thay are able to produce images in stunning 3-D. Though said to be light weight and extremely comfortable we are not sure how conveinient they will be to wear out in public but for those long passenger commutes these will most definitely help pass the time by. You can check them out at the company’s site here. They were accepting pre-orders for $100 discount up to January 15th.

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