Rare Footage: Big L Performing With Kid Capri [1995]

Infamous Dj Kid Capri and Legendary wordsmith Big L perform at a celebrity basketball event circa 1995.
The song in the clip is the Buckwild produced “Put It On”, which was Big L’s first single off of his debut album Lifestylez ov da Poor and Dangerous album.

“Like, everything L did was dark, and it was gangsta, and it was… what was the popular style at the time? Horror-core. So they [Columbia Records] needed something bright, something friendly. And “Put It On” just matched everything perfect . . . “Put it on,” the slang…was like… “do your thing.” “Put it on Big L, put it on…” – Lord Finesse

Shortly after establishing his indie label “Flamboyant Entertainement”, in 1998, Big L [Lamont Coleman] met an untimely demise by way of a, still unsolved, drive-by shooting in 1999. He is credited with contributing heavily to the underground hip hop scene in the late 90’s and regarded to this day as one of the illest to ever touch a microphone.

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