The Simpsons x Street Fashion

Bart & Millhouse Leanin
Illustrator Tommy Bates creates a 4 still lookbook utilizing The Simpsons and various street brands.
As seen above and below the scenes depict a Lean wasted Bart chilling with Millhouse, a caked-up Krusty the Clown, and Mr Burns all draped in some pretty fresh picks. Items you can see featured include Supremes’ collabos with Northface and Jordan Brand Apparel, Bape, Adidas YEZZY Boost 350, Nikes, and Off White apparel.

Bates creates a bunch of illustrations similar to these picturing some of our favorite characters and brands ranging from the above mentioned Simpsons to the likes of Master Shredder, Jason Voorhees and more. You can check his work on his instagram page @TomiiStudio.

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