Westwood’s Unreleased Method Man Freestyle from 1995

Tim Westwood has a stash of unreleased appearances from some of the games most iconic figures. Recently he released a freestyle from DMX and to follow that up he drops a session featuring Method Man. During a period that followed the Wutang Clan’s release of the classic 36 Chambers album, the group had decided it would be most beneficial to drop solo projects and the first of which to spearhead the movement was Tical. The choice was probably a no-brainer after the success of the self titled single that helped smash open the door for the group album, METHOD MAN, and as time would tell it was a smart decision indeed. As with any album release, artists tour the globe on a promotion run and in the clip below Mef made his trip to Tim Westwood’s radio show , circa 1995, to chop it up and display the Witty Unpredictable Talent Anf Natural Game we all know him for.

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