😱THIS IS NOT A PHOTO – Artist Creates Realistic Drawings


From Cornwall in the UK comes artist @danierruu_ (IG handle) who is exceptionally well versed at recreating images that look very much photo-like. The artist, whose real name is Danielle Franks, and also goes by the name Moe, recently went viral with her incredible recreation of an image of the late emcee Mac Miller.

Previously she had gained recognition after she had done a piece inspired by Lil Peep last summer after what she calls a “bad mental health phase”.

“I couldn’t go outside for six weeks,” she tells Newsbeat. “In that time, I started listening to Lil Peep. I absolutely adored him.

“One day, I just picked up the tablet… I was never motivated to draw, but for some reason that day, I just did. I drew him, and it took a few days and I streamed a lot of it on Twitch.

“A few weeks later, he retweeted it and put it on his Instagram. That kicked off my career in art and gave me momentum.

“He didn’t really know I existed. He didn’t know who I am and gave me my entire life.”

Now, even after dropping out of art school Danielle has a growing art career that she stays constantly busy with between commercial and commissioned work.

“My life revolves around the internet. It’s everything I do,” she tells Newsbeat.

“To think that so many people have liked one tweet of mine today – it’s weird how many people a girl sitting alone in her bedroom in Cornwall can reach out to, and maybe cheer up.”

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