First Grader makes $22 Million


Every day seven year old Ryan does what any kid would want to do;play with toys. Only difference between Ryan and any other first grader is he gets paid for it. Ryan has been uploading videos of himself talking about and playing with toys on his Youtube channel since 2015. He receives daily view,likes and subscriptions by many kids for his videos. According to Forbes, in 2018 alone Ryan has made 22 million dollars just from his Youtube show called Ryan ToysReview. 21 million of Ryan’s 2018 earnings came from ads, but that’s little compared to what he has coming up. Hulu and Amazon have both reached out to Ryan’s parents and agent asking to repackage and sale Ryan’s videos. In August Ryan created Ryan’s World, a clothing and toy line exclusively for Walmart. This 7 year old boy has become another Youtube millionare for having fun. What a life!

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