Mysonne Disses Joyner Lucas In New – “LITTY/ZEZE” Freestyle


Not one to shy away from a lyrical head to head, Mysonne claps back at Joyner Lucas for speaking his name. While Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez have been going back and forth in a lyrical war, Lucas took the time out chime in on Mysonnes comments after Mysonne posted “@joynerlucas responce was good cuz he can rap but Litty Again was a lot better @torylanez”. Joyner’s response was a jab at Mysonne referring to the “Im Not a racist” song, and Mysonne took it as a open invite to go for his throat. With bars like “you aint noting but a gimmick, you a Eminem mimic” Mys doesnt seem to be playing with the young boy. We’re sure Mysonne will be receiving a rebuttal in a hot second. Stay tuned!

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