Residents Confront Store Owner for Selling Realistic Toy Guns To Kids


In what is being called Operation protect the community, Philly residents are upset and confronting a neighborhood store for selling life-like toy guns. After incidents like what happened to Tamir Rice, the 12 year old that was shot by police in Cleveland while playing with a toy gun, this community is not having it. The guns look exactly like a number of real weapons with the exception of having a safety-orange tip at the end of the barrel. But as the residents demonstrate, the difference can be easily altered with a simple black marker to paint over the tip making the toy nearly impossible to tell the difference between it and the real thing. One of the protesters says his grandson, who is 10, had recently purchased one of the replicas. Taking a stance that change should take place immediately, participants stand inside the store deterring patrons from shopping at a location that seemingly has no regard for the youth in the community they service. The video of the confrontation below was posted by Samad Starkson on his facebook page.

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