Supa_Cent Sells $1 Million Worth Of Product In A Hour And 1/2


Socia media star turned business woman @Supa_Cent bet on herself this #cyberMonday and boy did it pay off! With over 20k posts worth of self marketing and over a million followers on IG alone Supa pushed her makeup line The Crayon Case to a million dollar business. Her line, which includes a variety of eye-shadow and lipstick shades, went haywire this morning as she exclaims in her IG post showing her sales notifications going crazy and later posting that she hit a personal milestone of a million in sales in and hour and 30 minutes. Supa_cent should be an inspiration to all entrepreneurs that hard work and persistence can and will pay off. Congrats Supa.

Supa-Cents Line Of Makeup The Crayon Case

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