Young Dolph – “Turned Dirt To Diamonds” [Documentary]


The MOST important thing in hustling, when you’re hustling , is to know what you’re hustling for” -Dolph
You cant pour syrup on sh#t and call it pancakes but if you hustle hard you can turn dirt into diamonds. Just ask South Memphis’ self proclaimed rich crack baby Young Dolph. On the heels of his album Role Model, and a video for his Black Queen, Dolph hits the streets with a update on his PRE progression. Linking with Mass Appeal, in the documentary “Turned Dirt To Diamonds” Dolph explains a bit the methods to his madness. By madness we mean him turning down a $22 million record deal and his beginnings in a small room with just a radio writing raps day in and day out. Dolph is living the hood American dream, if not “THE” American dream. Not only providing for himself and those around him but also making it so they can do the same. A trappers’ trapper, Dolph has been a dedicated visionary from day one. And taking notes from the legendary James Brown, he states “Im the hardest working man in show business!”. Enjoy the doc below as Dolph goes into survining 100 shots in an attempt on his life, to giving 2 Duke university students $20,000 (who got fired from their jobs for playing his music), and be sure to pick up “Role Model” available everywhere now. Cameo by Casanova 2x too.

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